Demographic Information

Which of the following best describes your relationship with UNO?

Rate the following locations based on frequency from which you visit the Library web site:

Location Not Applicable Not at all Seldomly Sometimes Frequently All the time No Answer
Campus Classroom
Campus Computer Lab
Campus Office
Campus Housing
Library Classroom
Library Computer Lab
Off-Campus Office
Off-Campus Home
Usage Patterns

Rate the following tasks based on how frequently they lead you to visit the Library web site:

Task Not Applicable Not at all Seldomly Sometimes Frequently All the time No Answer
Check on building renovation progress
Contact Library staff
Discover Library services
Find out about new materials (i.e. books, electronic resources, DVDs, music, etc.)
Read Library news
Read Library policies
Reserve Library rooms or instructional sessions
Search for articles
Search for books
Search for jobs
Search for music
Search for videos
See events calendar
See exhibits calendar
See Library hours
View the Arthur Paul Afghanistan Collection
View other digital collections

Please rate the following Library services based on how frequently you use them:

Service Not Applicable Not at all Seldomly Sometimes Frequently All the time No Answer
Ask a Librarian
Central Search
(federated searching)
Find Article Database by Subject
Find Article Database by Title
(interlibrary loan)
Locate Journals
(citation management)
Research Wizard
(resources identified by topic area)

Rate the following resources based on how often you use them in the course of conducting research:

Resource Not Applicable Not at all Seldomly Sometimes Frequently All the time No Answer
Live Search
Other Internet search engine or reference
Electronic Resource Databases (EBSCO, Lexis-Nexis, etc.)
Google Scholar
Other electronic article search index
Google Book Search
Library catalog
Other electronic book search index
Printed article indexes
Print reference materials
Statistical abstracts
Other printed materials
Your Impressions of the Library Web Site

Indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements:

Statement Not Applicable Strongly Disagree Disagree Somwhat A Little of Both Agree Somewhat Strongly Agree No Answer
I find it easy to select an appropriate database when I conduct research on a specific topic.
I find I always use the same one or two databases when conducting research.
I would like to discover new information sources on the Library web site but am not sure how or where to find them.
I find the links and navigation structures on the Library site are easy to understand.
I find that information on the library site is kept current.

I feel that the language and terminology used on the Library web site is easy to understand.
I feel like the Library web site is well organized.
Consent to Further Testing

The Library site redesign effort will continue through the 2007-2008 academic year. This effort will benefit from additional participation from the Library's audience in the form of focus groups, usability studies, and additional surveys. If you are willing to participate, please leave your name and email address below. Your identity will not be tied to your responses to this survey and will not be used for any means other than to contact you about additional participation opportunities.

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